Power management and generator control

Paralleling RDM 2.0

RDM 2.0

Remote display module for all-in-one generator control & paralleling unit

RDM 2.0

The RDM 2.0 works as a remote display and, combined with the GENSYS 2.0 CORE, can control a single or a multiple generating sets power plant.
Connected to a GENSYS 2.0, a GENSY 2.0 LT or a MASTER 2.0, the RDM 2.0 can be used as an additional remote display.
RDM 2.0 screen displays the same data as the GENSYS 2.0. The display shows engine and electrical parameters for intuitive operation.

• RDM 2.0 to be connected to the GENSYS 2.0 CORE
• RDM 2.0 can be used as an additional remote display with the GENSY 2.0, the GENSYS 2.0 LT or with the MASTER 2.0
• Same multi-function graphic display and same front panel as the GENSYS 2.0

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