Power management and generator control

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Our ranges

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Discover our complete range of solutions for synchronizing paralleling & load sharing


Engine & generator control

CRE TECHNOLOGY offers a complete range of products from start/stop controllers, auto mains failure, auto transfer switch to remote monitoring and to the more advanced all-in-one modules with synchronization, load sharing and PLC features.

They all benefits from 30 years technological expertise that gives you a competitive edge in your business.

You also benefit from our dedicated team og engineers and after sales department that will support you in your projects.



Paralleling & Marine

Generating sets and mains paralleling units are at the heart of CRE TECHNOLOGY expertiste. The company is world renowned for its "all-in-one" products designed to cover the maximum of functions and the most various applications possible.

This specific expertise is instilled in our basic and advanced units.

Whether on a marine, commercial, military or on an offshore platform project, our range of paralleling modules can fulfill any specifications or requirements.


Battery chargers

CRE TECHNOLOGY's range of battery chargers are designed to supply constant voltage to the battery with a permanent connection and a maximum of efficency.

3 ranges of products:

The compact, BP and the BPRB series are available:


Field services

CRE TECHNOLOGY provides a complete staff of product support team and field service technicians with product knowledge of control systems and engine generator sets.