Power management and generator control



1 - Where can I find the CRE Config Software and supporting documentation for my CRE TECHNOLOGY product?


2 – I don’t know how to connect my CRE TECHNOLOGY device on my PC in order to program it. What do I have to do?

3 – I have a commissioning to prepare, What should I do first?

4 - I want to update my GENSYS 2.0 firmware, How can I do it?


5  - I can’t connect to my UNIGEN with CRE config Software. How can I do it ?

6- I do not understand the label or the fault number displayed on the screen of my product.


7- How to replace an existing genset controller by a GENSYS system, or how to combine an existing engine controller with a GENSYS system?

All existing devices in the market can be replaced by a GENSYS system or combined with a GENSYS System, the important points to start are:

It is important to verify each point.

8 – How I can test the engine stability and GENSYS PID?

In order to test the engine stability (ex: because hunting on load impacts, or unstable with low load,…) the test is simple: once the Genset is on load and single, simulate the stability problem (load impact, actuator manipulation,..;) and switch the CRE system in MANUAL mode and, if the engine recover its stability, it means the PID of the CRE system has to be improved; if the instability is present during MANUAL mode operation, it means the engine setting itself has to be improved.

Note: In MANUAL mode, island operation the CRE system has no automatic control on the governors/ecu.