Power management and generator control



All-in-one controller for generator power plant in mains paralleling


The MASTER COMPACT 1B is one controller of a complete range for Energy sources and power plant management : Generators, Mains, Photovoltaic, Batteries storage, Tie breakers. This controller is made to manage generator power plants from 1 to 32 generators in parallel with mains.
The MASTER COMPACT 1B is suitable for applications with 1 circuit-breaker (no breaker on Bus).
The MASTER COMPACT range offers flexibility and time saving thanks to its simple wiring and easy engineering & programming.
Hardware & Display
The MASTER COMPACT 1B is available in switchboard panel mounted version with display, or core base mounted version and compatible with i4Gen touchscreen color display.
The MASTER COMPACT 1B is configurable from i4Gen remote touchscreen, or through the free i4Gen Suite software.
Control and Management 
  • Compatible with 3 or 4 wires three-phase, or two-phase or single phase systems.
  • Automatic application management with several mains (up to 32).
  • The different applications are:
    • Changeover mode.
    • No Break changeover mode.
    • Permanent mains paralleling.
  • 9 x Digital inputs: NO or NC to ground, 3 x Analog inputs: Resistive (0...500Ω) or 0...20mA,  6 x Digital outputs: NE or ND. 1.8A.
  • 31 calibration points for analogue inputs (resistive or 0-20 mA).
  • Expansion via CANopen: 32 x Digital inputs, 16 x Analog inputs, 32 x Digital outputs.
  • 2 x Relay outputs (breaker control): 5A, 240VAC.
  • Power plant frequency/KW and Voltage/KVAR control through CANbus.
  • Power plant electrical parameters acquisition from wiring (PT – CTs) or from CANbus (CRE).
  • Remote start and test mode available On/Off load.
  • Mains failure detection and No Break changeover with adjustable load transfer time and paralleling time.
  • Possibility of operator mains transfer validation.
  • Mains permanent paralleling in fix load or peak shaving and PF control.
  • Synchronization: Frequency, Phase and Voltage synchronization (Synch display available on screen). Synch check (ANSI 25) + Phase sequence protection. Phase shift between 0 and 360 degrees could be added on the synch check relay function (for example to compensate DYN11 MT/BT transformers).
  • New optimized Frequency/KW and Voltage/KVAR regulation which does not require PID adjustment in the MASTER (except for the phase synchronisation).
  • Unload breakers management according with generators power available and load demand.
  • Record of 500 events/alarms/faults with timestamps. Displayed on controller screen and i4Gen with advanced filter.
  • 1350 logged events with timestamp and real-time value available, non volatile memory. Available on uploaded file. 
  • Alternative selection, Drag and Drop system: 16 parameters can switch between 2 values.
  • Scheduler: daily, weekly, monthly. 10 configurables events.
  • Easyflex®, Drag and Drop system: 50 programming lines.
    • New Debug mode displaying in real time the status or value of all variables in the programming lines.
  • Easy connect: This function permit to quickly switch the connection between controllers.
    • Automatically detects CRE TECHNOLOGY controllers on an Ethernet network.
    • It allows to automatically configure CRE TECHNOLOGY controllers IP address to be able to access them with the current network configuration. 
  • Circuit breakers management:
    • The breakers positions feedback could be connected or not.
    • Adjustable pulses or latched contact for breaker closing.
    • Adjustable pulses or latched contact for breaker opening.
    • MN/MX coil management.
    • Closing failure, opening failure, unexpected closure, unexpected opening alarm management.
  • New Modbus TCP Slave/Master Communication Port.
    • Modbus TCP Slave: All data are accessible by ModBus TCP locally or remotely (web, GPRS).
    • New Modbus TCP Master: possibility to create and configure customized frames.
  • 3 isolated com ports are available:
    • 1 CANbus: J1939 electronic engine and I/O extensions.
    • 1 CANbus CRE protocol for communication between all COMPACT controllers.
    • Ethernet: PC communication/ModBus TCP.
  • Remote Supervision with color touch screen i4Gen. (7, 10 or 15 inches)
    • Internet connection: Wan port or Wifi hotspot or 4G modem or Smartphone Access point.
    • Visualization - configuration - programming - remote power plant control.
    • Up to 10,000 power plant with a single Zoho Assist account (Zoho Assist PC, MAC, Smartphone application).
    • Use of the Zoho Assist app (PC, MAC, Smartphone).
    • 1 single I4Gen can monitor the entire power plant.
    • New Monitoring and control of the complete power plant (generators, mains, photovoltaic, batteries storage,..) through a single line diagram generated automatically.
    • Sending emails to events.
  • Electrical and mechanical protections.
  • 3 password levels: end user, technician, advanced technician.
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish in standard. Portuguese, Russian, German and other custom languages are available on request.
  • Automatic management of CANbus inhibitions in applications with Bus Tie Breaker.
  • Automatic clock synchronization by CANbus.
  • Automatic firmware update: When module is connected to i4Gen Suite PC software, you will automatically be asked for a firmware update to the latest version if applicable.

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