Power management and generator control

History, Evolution, Strength & Differences

History, Evolution, Strength & Differences

30 years of experience, investment and product innovation.

CRE TECHNOLOGY has provided the engine and genset industry for over 30 years  with standard products and dedicated solutions for engine control, genset protection and paralleling. All application fields where power is the core ressource of performance are covered by CRE TECHNOLOGY. The company is a reference in the industrial, marine and defence businesses.


Reliability and flexibility

Customer satisfaction drives all thinking process in the company. Quality is considered of first concern, but applied in the most concret manner in all cases, leading to efficiency and thus to customer satisfaction.

CRE TECHNOLOGY is a major asset on the market, supplying over 2000 paralleling products per year. You can rely on us your orders, from some pieces to several thousands units.

Developpement and relationship: aiming at the future

The CRE TECHNOLOGY average growth is 25% over the last 5 years.

Our very strong situation allows us TI invest, feeding our ambition to be always more advanced, always closer to you. The coming years will see the broadening of our distribution network and of our innovative products portfolio.