Power management and generator control

Generator control RDM 1.0

RDM 1.0

Alarm annunciator

RDM 1.0

The RDM 1.0 is a new, robust and easy to use alarm annunciator suitable for industrial generators applications. The RDM 1.0 is an 8 channels, 96x96mm module.

This product offers the following advantages:

  • Front face and dip switch configuration (no computers needed)
  • Power supply from 19-150VDC
  • 8 digital fault inputs (opto-isolated)
  • Filter delays of input can be set (from 2ms to 500ms),
  • Watchdog function (led and digital output information)
  • Leds colou set-up (green or red), to differentiate alarms priorities and to activate 2 different outputs
  • Internal buzzer 80dB
  • ModBus RTU-RS485
  • A tool provided to print alarms names’ tags
  • Ideal to meet the NFE 37-312 standard

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