Power management and generator control

i4Gen i4Gen.10'' - COMPACT Platform

i4Gen.10'' - COMPACT Platform

Multi-touch screen color display & complete monitoring software

i4Gen.10'' - COMPACT Platform

The i4Gen range is a user interface made by CRE TECHNOLOGY to offer users a complete monitoring of the COMPACT range controllers.

The unit hardware is a multi-touch screen color display developped for harsh environment and industrial areas, providing access to supervision, settings and control of controllers.

With our advanced touch screen panel, it is possible to manage remote control and monitoring, through an internet access (Wifi – LAN connection), with Zoho Assist platform, and to use e-mail services, for alarms/faults management.
Key features
Direct display

The i4Gen is able to display information from 1 to 40 controllers using the Ethernet connection and shows a basic overview of the power plant by using controller CANbus data when applicable.

Single line diagram & simplified SCADA

The i4Gen offers the display of the single line diagram of your complete power plant, as well as the production curves of each type of source. It allows monitoring and global control just with settings of the controllers.

Easy connect

This function allows you to quickly switch the connection between controllers. It automatically detects CRE Technology controllers on an Ethernet network and allows to automatically configure their IP address.

Remote access & e-mails

With a WIFI connection through an hotspot or a connection-sharing smartphone, LAN cable connexion, or GPRS (with modem), the i4Gen can be easily connected on internet, to manage remote monitoring/control and to send emails for alarms/faults/events management.

Multi-controller and multi-user monitoring

A single i4Gen can be connected to several COMPACT controllers via an Ethernet Hub for global power plant monitoring. Several i4Gen can be connected to the Hub to provide access to the controllers from different points on the site.

Events displayed/recorded
An innovative function displays the main alarms/faults on graphical objects (3D picture, gauges, bargraphs) to warn the operator of a potential problem on the control unit and facilitate troubleshooting. A time-stamped archive of the last 500 events/alarms/faults is also available on a dedicated page. Several filters are available to facilitate diagnosis.


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