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Hybrid Controllers HYBRID COMPACT


All-in-one PV/wind inverters control


HYBRID COMPACT is one controller of a complete range for energy sources and power plant management: generators, mains, PV/wind, batteries storage, tie breakers. It controls PV/wind inverters in applications paralleled with one or several generators and one or several batteries inverters. This type of power plant can operate on-grid or off-grid. HYBRID COMPACT offers flexibility and time saving thanks to its simple wiring and easy programming.

Hardware display

The controller is available in both switchboard panel mounted version with display, or core base mounted version and compatible with i4Gen touchscreen color display range.

The controller is configurable from its front panel display, from i4Gen HMI, or through the free i4Gen Suite software.
Key features
Single line power plant overview
An interactive and adaptative single-line diagram is generated automatically from the configuration. It provides a global view of the power plant and the

possibility to switch between controllers in one click.

Easy connection to controllers

Automatic detection of controllers on the Ethernet network for fast and easy connection.

Compatibility with generator and grid controllers

Compability with PRIME, BAT, MASTER 1B and BTB controllers of the COMPACT range to manage complete hybrid power plants.

Compatibility with all inverters on the market
  • Plug and play connection with Sunspec inverters
  • Compatibility with non Sunspec thanks to custom Modbus TCP mapping

Control of the PV/wind KVAR reactive power

Either by imposing a configurable fixed power factor, or by sharing the kVAR between the PV/wind energy and the other sources.

PV/Wind power limitation

So as to keep a minimum power on the generator(s).

Immediate stop of the PV/wind production in case of reverse power on the generator(s)

So as to keep the installation energy supplied.

Voltage and current measurement inputs

For redundant acquisition of electrical measurements and faster than communication with the inverter.

Enchanced graphical display

Important information are displayed on easy-to-read graphical widgets: numerical values, bar graphs, gauges, curves, animated synchroscope….

User friendly equations programming

Easily program your own equations using the drag & drop Easyflex feature.

Remote access (optional)
  • Supervise, configure and control your power plant from anywhere through a reliable and secured remote communication provided by Zoho Assist
  • Receive E-mails from i4Gen when an event, an alarm or a fault is triggered.
On-board modbus TCP client and server for integration with other devices
  • Client (master): create custom frames in reception or transmission to read or write datas
  • Server (slave): allow other devices to read/write the controller registers (with 300 registers available for custom mapping).
Automatic versions update
Automatic update of controller firmware and PC software versions.

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