Acoplamiento de grupos electrógenos y el control motor

Our new innovation: i4GEN

Our new innovation: i4GEN

Multi-touch screen color display & complete management software

Discover the new CRE TECHNOLOGY innovation: i4GEN

As a result of all these years of innovation, of improvment, of research on our products, this year we'll bring you the i4GEN

i4GEN is a customer interface made by CRE to offer users a complete management of new CRE TECHNOLOGY controllers



The unit hardware is a multi-touch screen color display 

The unit hardware is a multi-touch screen color display developped for harsh environment and industrial areas, providing access to all controller’s data for control and measurement.
Thanks to an embedded “TeamViewer© License”, it will be possible to remotely access  the i4GEN for support, remote control or fleet management.