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i4Gen Suite

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i4Gen Suite

i4Gen Suite is a PC software which allows you to connect to multiple COMPACT platform. This user-friendly software allows you to control, configure and monitor your power plant in real time.  You will then have access to the software interface, which is composed of different parts:

  • Supervision mode
  • Single line diagram & SCADA mode
  • Settings mode
  • i4Gen Suite settings mode

Automatic firmware update for i4Gen suite and controllers.

NEW: Single line diagram & scada mode
In addition to its very advanced functions, the i4Gen now offers you the display of the single-line diagram of your complete power plant. It allows monitoring and global control just with settings of controllers. Automatically generated from each COMPACT controllers configuration.

This function permit to quickly switch the connection between controllers. Automatically detects CRE Technology controllers on an Ethernet network.It allows to automatically configure CRE Technology controllers IP address to be able to access them with the current network configuration.

  • Monitors of dynamic curve (speed control, synchronization, kW control)
  • Monitors of production curve for hybrid or convetional power plant

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