Power management and generator control

Paralleling MASTER 2.0


All-in-one mains paralleling unit with integrated PLC


The Master 2.0 is a power plant controller for gensets in parallel with one or several mains.

This “all-in-one” unit includes all necessary functions:

  • Multi mains management
  • Three phase mains failure detection
  • Electrical protection
  • Electrical parameters display
  • Manual and automatic paralleling with mains (frequency, phase and voltage)
  • kW power management with several modes:
    • No break change over with load transfer
    • Permanent paralleling in base load
    • Permanent paralleling in peak shaving mode
  • Power factor control when paralleling with mains.
  • Dyn11 capabilities (HV phase compensation)
  • Analog control for all load sharing modules.

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