Power management and generator control

Paralleling UNIGEN PLUS


Generating set Auto Synchroniser and load sharer.


- Isochronous load sharing in island mode or in parallel with mains.
UNIGEN will be used on generator sets that require synchronising, load sharing and paralleling features.
UNIGEN can be used to parallel either a single genset with mains or up to 8 gensets together. One UNIGEN is needed per generator set. UNIGEN combined with the GCR (CRE Load Commander) can control very complex power plants with several mains.
- Mobile gensets
With its digital "Super Droop" function, unique on the market, UNIGEN makes the mobile gensets coupling simple.

- SUPER DROOP (digital), only +/- 0.25Hz
- Compatible with all speed governors
- Compatible with all AVR
- Compatible with modules using paralleling lines 0-3V
- All the settings are adjusted with potentiometers
- Modbus with read and write functions

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