Power management and generator control

Paralleling UNIGEN 2.0 PMS


Man/Auto synchronizer & load sharing unit


The UNIGENs 2.0 PMS is used for prime mover applications that require synchronization, load sharing, load/unload management, protections as well as paralleling features.The UNIGEN 2.0 PMS can be used to parallel up to 32 gensets together using CAN bus communication. Moreover, UNIGEN 2.0 PMS can also be used to parallel a single genset with the mains. One unit is needed per generating set. Intuitive settings to configure each function needed.


  •     « Help » on configuration
  •     Excitation control for static paralleling
  •     Mains paralleling features (Base Load, Peak shaving, no break change over)
  •     Load/Unload dependant start/stop
  •     SCADA Visualisation on the front face
  •     Full settings management on the front face
  •     TCP Modbus Communication (Local or network access. Read and write functions.)
  •     Easy to use connection with CRE Config software
  •     External digital input/output through CanOpen communication (32 DI / 32 DO)
  •     Speed control through J1939 Can Bus Communication
  •     Electrical protections (Battery, Voltage, Current, Frequency, kW, kVar, Reverse Power, Rocof, Vector Jump)
  •     A real breaker control

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