Power management and generator control

Actualites CRE TRAINING Schedule 2020

CRE TRAINING Schedule 2020

17/01/2020  -   2  -   1

CRE TRAINING Schedule 2020

This seminar, which lasts 3 days if you wish to follow all the modules, will allow you to receive:

·         All the basics of speed and voltage regulation,

·         Synchronization and load distribution,

·         Paralleling between generators and mains....

·         As well as Hybrid/Photovoltaic diesel generator applications.

This training will also allow you to familiarize yourself with all CRE TECHNOLOGY products as well as our new solutions for generator control and paralleling:

·        ACGEN2.0, ICGEN2.0 & AMF products,

·        GENSYS COMPACT RANGE, i4GEN.10'',


·        UNIGEN2.0 RANGE,

·        GENSYS 2.0, GENSYS 2.0 LT, MASTER 2.0 and GENSYS 2.0 MARINE as well as our dedicated software,

·        BSD 2.0 remote monitoring and AVR COMPACT.

What is new?
You can now choose the training modules you wish to attend.


  • Session 1 : (in French) Tuesday the 24th to Thursday the 26th of March, (RESCHEDULDED)
  • Session 2 : (in French) Tuesday the 23rd to Thursday the 25th of June, (RESCHEDULDED)
  • Session 3 : (in French) Tuesday the 15th to Thursday the 17th of september (RESCHEDULDED)
  • Session 4: (in French) Tuesday the 1st to Thursday the 3rd of December.



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