Power management and generator control

i4Gen i4Gen.10'' - GENSYS 2.0 Platform

i4Gen.10'' - GENSYS 2.0 Platform

Multi-touch screen color display & complete management software

i4Gen.10'' - GENSYS 2.0 Platform

The i4Gen.10” is a user interface made by CRE TECHNOLOGY to offer users a complete monitoring of new CRE TECHNOLOGY controllers. The unit hardware is a multi-touch screen color display developped for harsh environment and industrial areas, providing access to all controllers’ data for control and measurement.
Direct display
The i4Gen is able to display information from 1 to 32 controllers using the Ethernet connection and shows a basic overview of the power plant by using controller CANbus data when applicable.
Multi user display
Several i4Gen can be securely connected by an Ethernet hub to a single controller (or a group of controllers). An i4Gen display has two Ethernet communication ports.
Easy to use for redundancy application multi-level access or long-distance monitoring panel. One i4Gen display can also be connected to different and several GENSYS 2.0 products. 


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