Power management and generator control

i4Gen i4Gen - COMPACT Platform

i4Gen - COMPACT Platform

Multi-touch screen color display & complete management software

i4Gen - COMPACT Platform

i4Gen is a customer interface made by CRE to offer users a complete monitoring of new CRE controllers. 
The unit hardware is a multi-touch screen color display developped for harsh environment and industrial areas, providing access to all controller’s data for control and measurement.
Thanks to an embedded “TeamViewer© License”, it will be possible to remotely access  the i4Gen for support, remote control or fleet management.
Direct display
i4Gen is able to display information from 1 controller using the Ethernet connection and shows a basic overview of the power plant by using controller CAN bus data when applicable.
Switch Connect
If i4Gen and the controllers are connected on an Ethernet HUB with the right network configuration, it is possible to easily switch the connection between controllers in the powerplant page to supervise each controller in turn.
Multi user display
Several i4Gen can also be securely connected by Ethernet hub to a single controller (or a group of controllers), for redundancy application, multi-level access or long-distance monitoring panel.
Events displayed/recorded
An innovative feature will turn major alarms and faults into 3D graphical object display, to warn the operator about an important event and to facilitate immediate diagnosis (ex: coolant tank will light up in red in case of coolant temp fault or in orange in case of coolant temp alarm). An event alarm/fault recorder is also available on a dedicated display page, indicating time stamp, status, acknowledgment and corresponding variable; the event page can be filtered for diagnosis and investigation of selected variables.


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