Power management and generator control

Electronic Speed Switch DV2


Electronic Speed Switch


The DV2 is a new, robust and an easy to use Electronic speed switch suitable for industrial engines and generators applications. The DV2 has 2 seperated speed switches terminal output.
This product offers the following advantages: 
  • Speed sensing from Magnetic Pick-up or from Alternator AC,
  • Meter output for optional RPM indicator,
  • Resin encapsulated for harsh environments,
  • Screw-clamp terminals for ease of connection,
  • 16A “Volt-Free” contact sets.
The DV2 is a robust and superior quality product thanks to the European standard manufacturing experience. 
The DV2 offers you an easy-to-use product to manage 2 separate speed switches terminal output, independently set between 10% and 140% of rated speed. Factory values are at 40% for crank cut and 114% for overspeed.

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