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29-02-2012 - Our application engineering service
In order to help us determine the modules necessary to support your project in the most cost effective manner, CRE has two solutions for you:
- Modules necessary for your project
- Dedicated software for configuration and PLC programming
- Commissioning (recommended)

· The PREMIUM OFFER (application engineering):
- Modules necessary for your project
- Configuration of the module (with an appointed engineer)
- Logical sequences PLC programming (with an appointed engineer)
- Commissioning (recommended)
- Delivery of a complete engineering case and backups of product configurations

We strongly recommend this offer for a first project.


CRE’s Easy PLC is a logic editor which provides graphical interface to program PLC equations. The tool is able to generate CRE propriety equations on GENSYS 2.0 family.


CRE Technology is happy to presents you our E-TRAINING sessions through Skype, which is for free and available for all CRE Technology customers.

It is very easy to take part in the training. You will only need a Skype account and a computer equipped with a functional audio device.

The training sessions are composed of 30 minutes presentation, then time dedicated to your particular questions follows.

Do not hesitate to send us any topic of particular interest to you. For further details, feel free to contact Juliette Billy at


03-02-2013 - CRE Technology introduce the GENSYS 2.0 MARINE controller
The new GENSYS 2.0 MARINE controller is an all-in-one paralleling unit for marine applications.

The GENSYS 2.0 MARINE is a control unit designed for marine generator switchboards panels. This Power Management System unit combines all necessary functions.

GENSYS 2.0 MARINE is configurable via its front panel or via a PC with CRE Config software, the unit also offers these features :
• 4 isolated serial ports: RS485, 2 CAN bus, Ethernet + SD card reader
• I/O flexibility
• Multi-function graphic display
• Internal logic sequences, programmable by equations • Predefined sequences dedicated to marine applications
• Fully compatible with all speed governors and AVRs
• J1939 communications with electronic engines
• Marine approval: DNV

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